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How to make fruits/crops closer together?

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Created27.12.2019 07:55

Keegan Leach (keeganleach) 27.12.2019 07:55
I want to make the grass, wheat, barely, canola oats, soybeans all be closer together with making the yield larger. I know in 17 you could do this but what is it suppose to be to change it in 19?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.12.2019 07:52
The properties of foliages are determined their {foliage}.xml (in $data/foliage/..)
You can redirect the default XML files and create your own. For the foliage density you may play around with the 'numBlocksPerUnit' values.
Then change in the map.i3d the references to filename="$data/foliage/*.xml" to your edited files.

Be careful not to exaggerate the values. Very high densities may lead to reduced performance.

This changes affect the display only, not the yield directly. For the yield you have to change your map_fruitTypes.xml values <harvest ... literPerSqm=.. />

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