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Spline Terrain Height By Spline Script

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Created29.12.2019 03:30

James Cooper (JCOOPER) 29.12.2019 03:30
I can't seem to get the Spline Terrain Height By Spline Script to work properly when rotated 90 or -90 degrees. It works in all other directions but as you get closer to the 90 degrees it just give you a small thin line no matter how wide you set the script. Is there a easy fix or is this something that cannot be fixed.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.12.2019 05:37
It is assumed that the spline doesn't have a rotation. If it has, it will not work in game properly.

James Cooper (JCOOPER) 29.12.2019 06:23
Thank you, Learn something new everyday or with this game every hour

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