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Created03.02.2020 03:24

Alan Cornbower (Caseih584) 03.02.2020 03:24
Is any one using Street spline constructor to lay off there roads with spline? I am having trouble with setting my splins all of a sudden was wondering if someone can tell me what button i hit by accident because as soon as i go to adjust my spline before sending it to SSC the x and z values shoot to -180 and 180 respectfully. i did half my roads and then i jumped to doing other things and i came back to it and now its doing it all of a sudden. TIA

Ben Roman (SimpleFarmer) 21.08.2020 21:38
Same issue, can't figure it out. Also can't figure out how to bring the texture from Ravenport and make the constructor use it.

Does anyone know how to make another road texture work in this tool? I am trying to build one out of the american road dds in the Ravenport file.

Thanks for the help.

illgib81 07.12.2020 05:34
It looks like an editor rotation limit to 90 degrees, anything over or under it's mirrored on x and z.
I can't believe someone think that would be a great idea.
For short roads, posts can be manually corrected, but when you have hundreds of them it's simply a torture.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.12.2020 12:06
Splines must not have rotation. The rot. values must be (0 0 0). Else errors occur.

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