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FS19 animatedMapObects.xml questions x2

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Created04.04.2020 00:00

John Hoinski (JohnHoinski) 04.04.2020 00:00
Having 2 issues I hope someone can shed light on .....

1) using the following lines in the xml file to automatically open the gates at the Shop....The gates work at the correct time but the "closedText" only shows up in the F1 menu screen for a second or two... can not get it to stay there like the text for manually opening gates does...

<openingHours startTime="9" endTime="11" disableIfClosed="true" closedText="closedText_Gate9to17" />
<controls triggerNode="0" />

Is this fuctionality no longer available in FS19?

2) In FS17 it was possible to also open automatic gates manually if you used the full control line...

<openingHours startTime="9" endTime="17" disableIfClosed="true" closedText="This Gate Only open from 9to17" />
<controls posAction="ACTIVATE_HANDTOOL" triggerNode="0" posText="OPEN GATE" negText="CLOSE GATE" />

This was handy to use for secret triggers that you could use while testing maps while you were building them... does this not work in FS19 either?

Thnaks for any responses....John

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.04.2020 05:35
I don't know exactly since I didn't play around much with animated objects.
However the functions are well documented for FS17 and FS19 in Documentation -> LUADOC.
On first view it looks like there were barely changes.
Look under Objects/AnimatedObject/load to see all supported attributes.

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