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How to copy a building a distance away

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Created09.04.2020 23:38

Bob Heitzman (bobh_slo) 09.04.2020 23:38
I'd like to use a building in a downloaded map in another farm on the other side of the map. I'd tried to use Ctrl-B but I can move the camera in the middle of that operation. Copy/Paste doesn't seem to do anything.

How can I copy that building?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.04.2020 03:36
Copy and paste works. But depending on the parent transform, the object may be shifted/translated to a position where you don't see it.

With Ctrl-B you place the origin of the object. If this has huge translations, the visible object may appear elsewhere.

To get the object appearing at placement, you must normalize (freeze) the object translations.
Use the grid to place the object just in center of the grid, then freeze the translations.

Might be easier to export the object, where you position it and freeze. Afterwards you re-import the object into map.

Bob Heitzman (bobh_slo) 10.04.2020 04:47

Is there a way to discover where it has gone?

If there is a way to find the object in the the list of objects and navigate to it?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.04.2020 09:35
*g* It's time to make yourself more familar with the GE. See Documentation -> Editor.

With paste (or duplicate) the transform becomes inserted in last place of the active/selected parent transform group.

With Ctrl-F (focus) the camera moves to the selected TG's position. If the translations are far away, perhaps set them to zero.
Could also help if you focus a subtransform within the object.

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