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Map crashes on load up in GE Question in Error Log

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Created11.04.2020 20:03

Jim Woodward (jwoodward1987) 11.04.2020 20:03
My map in GE will not load up. starts to and crashes. Looked at the error log and get this error- /maps/My_Imports/shaders/particleSystemShader.xml' has version 3 . Please convert this file to version 4 .
Last night everything seemed great while using editor. Pretty sure I know the use in the screengraph area in GE but can not load the map. I imported a few things for another FS19 map to put in my FS19 map. the object had smoke particles which I over looked. seeings how GE crashes upon load up, is there a way to remove it even tho I cant load the map. My backup map loads fine but ill lose about a day of modding I did.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.04.2020 22:54
You can load the i3d into text editor and search/delete all entries concerning the suspicious shader and where it is referenced by material.

However I doubt the shader is responsible for crash. Usually the GE indicates an error and simply ignores the faulty shader.

It is more probably a structural or syntax error in the imported code. Or maybe even in your previous code.
The GE reacts very unkind on non-plain ASCII characters in labels or filenames. Be sure there are only characters "A-Z", "a-z", "1-0" and underscore '_' (instead spaces) used. Other characters will often lead to XML parser problems upto crashes.

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