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Mod map crop textures for header

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Created30.04.2020 22:46

B.m. Breaux (RaginCajunRice29) 30.04.2020 22:46
I have a mod map I use with custom textures. How can I get the ingame headers to match the crop textures that are in the map when it cuts the crops. Also without disrupting multiplayer also. I'm new to this kind of stuff so a very detailed description would be appreciated.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.05.2020 02:04
1. Copy the files {FSgame}/data/particleSystems/cutterEffect_materialHolder.i3d and .shapes into your map folder "particleSystems".

2. Edit the i3d in a text editor. Replace in <Files> all filename="../ with filename="$data/

3. Presuming you have your custom foliage textures in the map folder "foliage", replace the respective fruit type entry with

4. Edit your map.xml and replace in <additionalFiles>
<additionalFile filename="$data/particleSystems/cutterEffect_materialHolder.i3d" />
.. with ..
<additionalFile filename="particleSystems/cutterEffect_materialHolder.i3d" />

Hope that was detailed enough. ;)

B.m. Breaux (RaginCajunRice29) 01.05.2020 03:04
@Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) Thanks very much for a detailed reply! However I did everything as you said but it still shows the base game textures and not the textures in the map. By the way its not my map or textures I downlaoded the map. Also the .png files in the map have the same name name as what is already in thecutterEffect_materialHolder.i3d from step 2 you said I don't know if that has something to do with it just thought i'd share . What could be the problem?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.05.2020 13:25
Since I don't know the map, I also don't know how the author managed the foliage and effect files.
The above example was meant if you have only one (or a few) replaced fruit types.
(btw: found a typo in above step 3 and corrected it)

If all the fruit files are present in map, you can simply copy the necessary material holders and redirect in map.xml <additionalFiles> filename= from $data to your map folders.
Beneath the dedicated cutterEffect also other material holders are used and should be replaced in the same style.

And finally it is not guaranteed that all works like intended. There are many cases where the game engine uses default datas despite explicite replacements.

B.m. Breaux (RaginCajunRice29) 01.05.2020 17:29
@Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) ahh okay I understand. On more thing, step 2 says to replace ../ with $data but then step 3 says ../foliage/{type}_diffuse.png could you celarify, what folder is step 3? If foliage what in it do i specifically change to ../foliage/{type}_diffuse.png.
btw I'm only trying to change only 2, they are a corn and soybean texture. there is also no material holders for those textures could that be the problem if so how could i make them? Again I'm very sorry. I'm new to this but want to learn.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.05.2020 21:02
The filename expression ../ means: one step up in folder hierarchy = parent directory. That's basic PC knowledge. ;)
You can use this multiple like ../../../ to go 3 steps up.

The files in $data are arranged in a certain order and hierarchy. It is wise to follow these rules also in modmaps for compatibility.
The folders fillPlanes, foliage, particleSystems, shaders, shared should be all on the same level to grant comprehensive access.

With step 2-3 I meant to redirect to default $data files if these are not present in your map. For files in your modmap use the path ../FOLDERNAME.

B.m. Breaux (RaginCajunRice29) 07.05.2020 00:17
@Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) I finally got the texture working but there is a new problem. I took texture and the cutterEffect.i3d from another map and put it in the map and edited the xmls properly and it all worked perfectly. Now the problem is that the smoke and grain discharfeEffect is showing white in game at all the grain bins on the map, How can i fix this? thanks

B.m. Breaux (RaginCajunRice29) 07.05.2020 00:23
My bad I didn't put global company in, I fixed it thanks for all your help.

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