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Camera movement with WASD laggy/sluggish

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Created01.05.2020 17:59

Bert Bkp (Bkp666) 01.05.2020 17:59
Hi, I have this little problem that is actually more annoying than in it is a problem but I thought maybe someone knows a way to fix it.
So the problem is that when holding down RMB and using WASD to move arround the map/object the view jumps around, especially when also rotating the camera at the same time as moving left-right.(WASD also won't work without holding RMB, I don't know if it is supposed to be like this) Holding ALT and using the mouse buttons to zoom/pan/orbit works fine.
There doesn't seem to be anything wrong in the log file, I also tried changing between Low and High quality profiles
Any idea what is wrong?

Shawn E Carter (ShawnDaGeek) 11.06.2020 17:27
Increase nav speed to around 100 with + and - keys then hold Alt and use mouse buttons to move camera around "RMB is fwd / bckwrd, LMB is pitch and awe. This is the only way to navigate with camera, besides using lua scripts to move camera to positions.

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