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terrain changes up close but not at distance

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Created22.04.2011 00:50

Dave Smith (Unknown) 22.04.2011 00:51
so i try making bigger feilds then save terrain data then save i3d reopen in GE and the changes are there but at a distace looks like nothing changed.i deleted every file that has to do with the map i am working on as far as backups and duplicates.and still nothing i looked all over the forums for 2 hours now and tho i do see some stuff on this nothing i try works... 4.1.7

Scuba Mx (Unknown) 21.04.2012 23:54
Save the game and exit. When you re-enter the changes you made will be there, but if you make changes to it will look different at a distance, but either way your completed map will look how you last edited it.

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