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The nights are very bright on my map

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Created06.05.2020 20:51

Marcell VicziƔn (UnhandyFern) 06.05.2020 20:51
Hi! I started making a new map, but the nights are very very bright! Can you help me please? I attach a picture . Please help me as soon as you can!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.05.2020 01:01
Look into the map.xml and make sure the <colorGrading filename=.. is setup properly.
You need two files: colorGrading.xml and colorGradingNight.xml.
I'd guess the last one is missing or faulty, so the standard colorGrading is used always.

Thomas Irrera (tirrera) 05.07.2020 20:52
I had this same problem when I started making my map, check to see if there's another light visible other than the "sun". I had added an extra light to see better up close but forgot to make it invisible (or delete it) when I saved it and the nights were extremely bright also.

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