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In-game camera stuck in top-down view

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Created14.05.2020 12:08

Andy Mac (andymac) 14.05.2020 12:08
Hi there - new to map making so please bear with me. Absolute hopeless noob here. Sorry.

I'm trying to create a new local 'real life' map - don't ask me why. I've managed to get the map terrain sorted using Lidar survey data (this resource is amazing for the UK! I'm using Blank Map by Blur Modding as a starting map and I've deleted all the superfluous splines for traffic in mid-air etc. Before I start on the fun bit I just wanted to make sure core game functionality works. I've created a shop to buy vehicles etc - all fine.

When I try the map in-game my vehicle camera is stuck in 'top down' view. It's fine in-cab but out-of-cab I can only look directly downwards on top of the vehicle. It zooms fine, it rotates fine but it's stuck looking vertically downwards.

Am I missing something obvious here? Is it (another) bug with the starting map I've used? Not sure if it's related by my starting spawn point appears to be in mid air. So when I start the game my farmer drops about 10m from the sky. I think I know how to fix this but I'm assuming that's not related.

Thanks in advance!

Andy Mac

Bert Bkp (Bkp666) 14.05.2020 23:33
Have you checked the logs, you haven't got any errors? Before entering any vehicle can you move fine on foot?

Andy Mac (andymac) 15.05.2020 19:23
Ha, thank you! Moving on foot was fine - was only out-of-cab view while driving. Sorted, for some reason the terrain node had a Translate Y of -31.091. This 'blank map' I'm using is terrible! Set that to zero and it's fixed... and my farmer doesn't drop from the sky now. :-)

Cheers for the error log pointer - that got it!


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