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Created12.08.2020 15:40

Fraser Watt (Blitz24H) 12.08.2020 15:40
Could I have some help please. I wanted to start and make mods on FS17 but every time I install the GIANTS Editor and want to open it I get an Error message.
This says: Failed to create wxGLContext. Update your drivers.
Although I have updated my integrated Intel HD driver and googled many times how to create wxGLContext, I still got the same results.
I would appreciate it if someone knows how to fix this.
Many thanks.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.08.2020 15:50
Your GPU and driver must be capable to handle OpenGL - for GE 7.x (FS17) a minimum of OpenGL 3.5 is required, for GE 8.x (FS19) at least 4.5.
If you don't know, google for it "{your GPU model} opengl".

Fraser Watt (Blitz24H) 16.08.2020 18:05
Thank you for the information. I can play FS 17 without a problem with my current GPU, is it normal that it won't handle the GIANTS Editor?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.08.2020 01:21
Yes - the FS game works with DirectX (primarily).
But the editor runs only with OpenGL.

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