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Created05.06.2011 20:12

Aaron Webster (Unknown) 05.06.2011 20:15
a little while ago i bought farm sim 2011 and wanted to do some map editing, so i opened the giants editor and started.
recently i have bought a new computer and uninstalled farm sim and installed it onto my new computer, but the editor has gone and so has the folder with it.
does abyone know how i can get it back or do i have to download it ( does it cost money)

Thomas Mayr (Vario714) 06.06.2011 17:00
You can found the editor here C:\Program Files (x86)\Landwirtschafts Simulator 2011\sdk. In this folder you can found the GIANTS_Editor_4.1.7_win32.exe. This file is the Giants Editor.

Aaron Webster (Unknown) 06.06.2011 18:13
ok thanks i will try that

Aaron Webster (Unknown) 06.06.2011 18:16
sorry that folder is not on my computer
the search could not even find it
i really have no clue

Thomas Mayr (Vario714) 10.06.2011 19:48
Which OS is installed on your computer? Do you bought LS on DVD or the download version?

Aaron Webster (Unknown) 12.06.2011 11:55
the dvd ( disk ) version

Sym Symek (Unknown) 22.06.2011 16:44
I can download GIANTS Editor v4.1.8e ??

Tobias F (JD6930) 24.06.2011 14:25
You have to buy it:

Or buy a game of Giants.

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