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Creating triggers in animal pens

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Created26.09.2020 18:25

William Lillelund (williamlillelund) 26.09.2020 18:25
Hello everyone,
I was hoping to get some help with my triggers for an animal pen. I have used a peaceable cow shed in giants editor and have tried to link all the nodes to the correct values in my husbandrycows.xml but for some reason, the triggers won't work in-game. and the animal pens do not show up in the pause menu, although the pen icons show up just fine on the map.

I have put an example of some of the text in my husbandrycows.xml file here. maybe someone can help me with a thing I have done wrong or possibly something I am missing.

Thanks in advance.

<husbandry saveId="Animals_COW" hasStatistics="false">
<module name="animals">
<config type="COW" navmeshNode="11>8" animalLoadTriggerNode="11>0" maxNumAnimals="150" husbandryFileName="$dataS/character/cowAnimalHusbandry.xml" placementRaycastDistance="2.0" carryingCapacity="50" rideableDeliveryStartNode="11>6|0" rideableDeliveryWidthNode="11>6|0|0" rideableDeliveryHeightNode="11>6|0|1" />
<module name="food">
<config node="11>6|0" exactFillRootNode="0" baleTriggerNode="3" animalPlacesNode="1" >
<fillPlane node="11>1|1" minY="-0.648" maxY="-0.32" colorChange="true" />
<module name="water">
<config node="11>2" exactFillRootNode="0" animalPlacesNode="1" fillTypes="WATER" acceptedToolTypes="undefined trailer">
<fillPlane node="11>2|0|0" minY="0.06" maxY="0.275" colorChange="true" />
<module name="liquidManure">
<config node="11>3" fillTypes="LIQUIDMANURE" triggerNode="0">
<fillPlane node="11>3|0" minY="0.02" maxY="0.5" />
<module name="manure">
<config startNode="11>4|1|0" widthNode="11>4|1|0|0" heightNode="11>4|1|0|1" fillType="MANURE"/>
<module name="foodSpillage">
<config fillType="SILAGE">
<area startNode="11>1|0|2|0" widthNode="11>1|0|2|0|0" heightNode="11>1|0|2|0|1" />
<area startNode="11>1|0|2|1" widthNode="11>1|0|2|1|0" heightNode="11>1|0|2|1|1" />
<area startNode="11>1|0|2|2" widthNode="11>1|0|2|2|0" heightNode="11>1|0|2|2|1" />
<area startNode="11>1|0|2|3" widthNode="11>1|0|2|3|0" heightNode="11>1|0|2|3|1" />
<module name="milk">
<config node="11>7" fillTypes="MILK" triggerNode="0" />
<module name="straw">
<config node="11>5" exactFillRootNode="0" fillTypes="STRAW">
<fillPlane node="11>5|1" minY="-0.545" maxY="-0.183" colorChange="false" />
<placementRaycast distance="2" />

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.09.2020 19:06
1. The node descriptions "11>" are all together wrong. From where did you get these component descriptors? A placeable object may only have one main component.
A quick glance into a default husbandry would have told you.

2. First at all look into editor and game log. I'm quite sure these errors are noted there.

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