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Farmland IDs [numbers in-game]

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Created11.11.2020 00:30

Ravlie 11.11.2020 00:30

My question is probably an easy one to answer but I can't seem to find the answer myself. What conditions needs to be met in order for the farmlands numbers to appear in-game on the PDA map? I'm playing on a modded map but it's showing only ~35 farmlands even though in the farmlands.xml file and in-game there is 63 farmlands/areas you can buy.

I don't want to start new topic so I'll ask one more question - if I do something to farmlands in the editor I mean repaint it and run the calculate field sizes script and save the map will the game still work if I exchange it with the new one on saved game? As well can I add some paintable textures and will it still work?

Thank you for reply.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.11.2020 06:35
You confuse field numbers with farmland IDs.
The numbers appearing on fields are determined by the order of fields in the map.i3d.
Where the farmland IDs represent the decimal value of the binary mask in the farmland info layer. A farmland parcel may include multiple fields.

The script "Get Field Sizes" is for your info only. It does not touch any i3d functionality.

Ravlie 11.11.2020 21:17
Oh I got it you mean the "fields" group in Giants Editor. So, right now I have 38 fields as real fields written in editor but what happens if I do the same with the left over regions and put it back on the server again? Will it destroy my save game and adding paintable textures to the game editor will cause anything also right now?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.11.2020 13:09
With these major changes you should begin a new game.
There's too much to consider for editing a running game and you'll need advanced experience.

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