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Dist. colors with bigger lod tex. than density map not supported

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Created27.06.2011 11:55

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 27.06.2011 11:58
Now I admit as many from LS-UK will say I know GE pretty well. But, every now and then I get a weird error like the above. I know what each component is, just not as a whole. So, what does this warning mean? Map runs fine and all just curious as I hate seeing errors in any map I make.


Mike Gregor (Unknown) 27.06.2011 17:54
nm I must of not drank enough coffee. It's the densitymapid which was 25 and I had the denisityMapTypeIndex counting up in succession from 1 to 36. Didn't notice that you have to restart the densityMapTypeIndex over to 1. Otherwise you will get that error above and any fruits in that section will not grow. Correct me If I am wrong. The error went away after I made the corrections.


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