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Created05.12.2020 11:17

Lloyd O Boyette (LBoy3tt3) 05.12.2020 11:17
Personally, I'm sticking with 8.2.0 for the foreseeable future. Anything I am working on that I attempt to open with 8.2.2 I get maybe a 1 in 10 that actually opens and stays open. 8.2.2 opens, gets the welcome screen, thinks about if for about 30 seconds (if that) and then closes with no error message. The log is of no help either.

Is anybody else on the same bus?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.12.2020 18:13
1. Disable OneDrive (or similar cloud storage).
2. Don't use parallel Steam-Overlay, Nvidia Experience, AMD Gaming Evolved or any other software which accesses the gfx card directly.
3. Disable all Xbox crap in system settings.

Lloyd O Boyette (LBoy3tt3) 06.12.2020 17:48
I guess I just like it more because it's stable and I don't have to worry about what programs are running or not running to use it. Click, Load, Use.... Done. Bilbo, I will have another post for you later this morning. I am still having problems with .i3D exporters.

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