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Blender roads issue rigid body

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Created06.12.2020 22:38

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 06.12.2020 22:38
Dear all,

Have been working with blender to create roads from scratch and imported them successful into my new map.
I have however a strange issue I cant seem to solve.

I have made sidewalks and a road deck. The sidewalk are physical objects for the vehicles to drive over as i added a rigid body to it.
For the roads I used the same settings with rigid body being static, however the vehicles just drive through the roads as if it was only rendered.

The settings are the same for both items on the rigid body tab and I exported them right after each other from blender with same settings.
Any thoughts where to look?


Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 07.12.2020 16:17
Please close this post as I found out the issues was solved by reinstalling en reexporting the mesh via the blender plugin.
Had nothing to do with the giant editor itself as settings were ok in rigid body.


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