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Add Field Missions Sugarcane

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Created07.12.2020 22:40

Luke Lee (Luke974) 07.12.2020 22:40
Is it possible to add sugarcane and other field missions to modded maps?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 08.12.2020 00:19
Yes. The map must have its own "fruitTypes.xml". There you set for the fruitType the attribute useForFieldJob="true".

Grass missions must be enabled separately in the map.i3d by setting for the field the user attribute (boolean) fieldGrassMission="true".

Luke Lee (Luke974) 08.12.2020 21:47
Thank you for your help Bilbo

Luke Lee (Luke974) 24.12.2020 11:24
By setting all fields to allow grass missions will that set all fields as grass fields?

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