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Map below sea level

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Created14.12.2020 13:35

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 14.12.2020 13:35
Some of my map is below sea level.
I Just added water for the sea a long the border of the map, the problem is when I download it to fs19 and start to go below sea level,
I start to swim in mid air, is there anything I can do about it

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.12.2020 21:23
That occurs if the main waterplane is higher than the lowest terrain. This waterplane with attribute 'isMainWater=true' is a reference for many game values.
I'd recommand to add a new main waterplane below terrain. This may be a dummy only, but with attribute 'isMainWater=true'.
From other waterplane delete this attribute.

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