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Warning: FieldCropsUpdater requires crops and ground density map to have the same size. Ignoring spray resetting and ground type change.

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Created01.01.2021 23:04

Ivan Polic (Polke) 01.01.2021 23:04
I have that warning when i run a game without mods. When I start the game with mods, I also get the following error: ''Error: addRequiredCropType foliage must match the size of the ground terrain detail.'' With that error, my game runs at 30 fps, or I have too much lag.
Map is convert from fs17. I drew the fields again because I had a problem with the decay of the wheels.
_density files in fs19 map is 4096x4096 all
_density files in fs17 map is also 4096x4096
but, _weight files in my fs19 map is 2048x2048
_weight files in fs17 map, which I converted, is 1024x1024.

log.txt WITHOUT mods :

How i can fix that warning and error when i start game with mods ?

Ivan Polic (Polke) 02.01.2021 19:24
Any to help please

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.01.2021 19:56
Ever used Google? Try the possible solutions described here:

If you need more help, google for "fs19 Warning: FieldCropsUpdater"

Ivan Polic (Polke) 02.01.2021 23:06
I found a solution, I don't know how to change the resolution of the gdm file. That's my problem.
And yes, I use Google and see how others solve problems, but it doesn't work for me

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