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What am I doing wrong ????

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Created04.01.2021 17:19

Steven Farmer (stev11113) 04.01.2021 17:19
Can someone help.
I`m trying to get sale points on to a map but it is not working.
I have followed tutorials and I have put this in my mapDE_items.

<item mapBoundId="Stevespotatos" className="SellingStationPlaceable" filename="$moddir$FS19_64x_Blank_Map/mapDE/maps/Placeables/SellingStation/sellingStationGeneric.xml" position="2474.435 9.463 -1035.649" rotation="0 0 0" />

This not the map I`m working on I just picked a empty map to experiment on.
But it`s not working, I`ve tried putting filenames in data and $mapdir$.
The sale points are just not showing up on the map.

What I have done is put in a new folder and named it placeable and put all the sale points files in to it and placed that folder in to the map folder.
So I`m obviously doing something wrong ???

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.01.2021 17:49
Ever looked into the game log for errors?
I'd guess your i3d paths in the station xml files are wrong.

Anyway, DO NOT use filename="$moddir$MAPNAME/ anymore, but filename="$mapdir$/ instead.

Luca Van Gorp (Lucavangorp1) 14.01.2021 19:35

i have a problem with my i3d stickers. everything works in gaints editor but when I go into the game for example my curtains are white and stuff and there is a big white square instead of the sticker itself

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.01.2021 20:17
Look into game log. There will be errors "can't open/read file ..".
Then check/edit your file paths in i3d <Files>.

Luca Van Gorp (Lucavangorp1) 14.01.2021 21:09

where is the game log

Luca Van Gorp (Lucavangorp1) 14.01.2021 21:11

where is the game log

Luca Van Gorp (Lucavangorp1) 14.01.2021 21:11
where is the game log

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 14.01.2021 22:31
{USER}\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator...\log.txt

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