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Created09.02.2021 18:59

54reddog 09.02.2021 18:59
I'm trying to get my head around the way that the editor works, and using street spline constructor to create my roads. I've noticed more often than not, that if I place a series of objects along the path of a road I want to place, rotating them so that the X axis points to the next object using the gizmo, regardless of the fact I'm altering ONLY the x axis, the values in the Y and Z axis rotations will change, usually leading to some variation around 180 and a much smaller value in the x axis. I know I can manually set the axis rotations and if I do just type in a number above 180 in that box the Z and Y values remain 0 and the number sets the required rotation, visually it's identical to the gizmo rotated version yet the values are very different. Is there a way of stopping this happening as it's preventing street spline creator from functioning more often than not on the exact same path that I can achieve if I manually set the values. It also stops me from using a spline object placement script to drive the street.

Does anyone know WHY this is being set like this - to me it makes no sense that setting the other 2 axis to 180 or close can render the object in the same orientation. If someone can explain to me the maths I can probably write a converter to switch the xml in the i3d back to a format I want.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.02.2021 14:04
It's simply because almost all angles in FS and GE are calculated in radian (instead degree).

54reddog 13.02.2021 11:08
Actually, it's because they're Euler Angles, they're still expressed in degrees.

For anyone else having trouble with Street Spline Constructor, if you dump the rotations into Excel you can +180 to anything that's in the Y axis if the Z axis is showing a rotation around +/-180 but you'll also need to adjust the X and Z axis values and make them consistent across the whole line. I've set a spreadsheet up to do it and I'm no longer getting thrown errors every 2 seconds because angles are too big or whatever, just because the editors being daft.

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