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broken street using SplineStreetConstructor

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Created26.07.2021 23:07

Jordy Robignon (ACjordy) 26.07.2021 23:07
Hi, i was building my first ever map and get as fas as importing a full DEM and preparing to make streets.
the first streets went great using this torturial ---->
After a few roads a have an odd situation. as usual i'm following the instructions but when i import my street a part is al meshed up :(

can someone help to fix this meshed up road?
i have a photo on this we transfer link --->


Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 11.08.2021 02:10
Did you resolve your issue with SplineStreetConstructor? I know this post is older but I have some experience with SSC and have encountered many errors and messed up roads along the way ... some are fixable, some are not. I may be able to help you if you are still having an issue.

Timo Hmann (timohmann) 27.09.2021 09:09
Always look that the RotateX and RotateZ axis of your boxes is not -180!!
If they are -180 your street will be messed up. If your street needs more angle type in the angle manually in the RotateY axis

Nick Askew (askewdesigns) 04.12.2021 16:13
I have noticed that in the NEW GE for 22 that being you cant have more than 1 material for an object the roads do not work. It seems that they will only show one mat.

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