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problem with field on PDA

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Created01.08.2021 05:06

Marek Tóth (marek254) 01.08.2021 05:06
how to remove a field so that it is not reloaded in the game? The field is visible in the game even though I removed it

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.08.2021 14:47
Did you remove the field properly?
1. At first you must delete the right field transform group from parent group "fields".
2. Then remove foliage and terrain detail (cultivator state). Finally paint a new ground texture.

Notice that step 2 will only take effect in a new game/career. In a running game use the ingame terrain tool. Or you must copy (and perhaps rename) several files into savegame : cultivator and fruit density, terrain.*.cache files.

This all will not change the PDA map. It is a fixed image which you must edit manually.

Marek Tóth (marek254) 01.08.2021 15:40
so i need to convert the cultivator density.gdm to PNG and delete the field in the picture?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.08.2021 19:38
Why should you? Game and editor use already GDM files for cultivator and foliage. You need only copy/rename.

The map overview (PDA image) is usually in DDS format, adressed in map.xml <map .. imageFilename=
For editing you need a paint program which can handle DDS files. After edit save it again as DDS/DXT1.

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