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Overwriting foliage with textures

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Created01.11.2021 22:43

Sean Reed (MrReed) 01.11.2021 22:43
Is anyone able to help with this?;

I've been editing a map for practice and personal use only and I need to lay some concrete or gravel over what is currently a grass field. However, when I go to paint the gravel texture over the grass texture, the gravel texture appears on the ground however the grass still grows through where the gravel texture is. Can anyone advise me how to remove the grass growing while painting the gravel/concrete texture in Giants Editor?

Thank you for reading

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.11.2021 05:26
Switch to foliage paint mode, select the right foliage and delete it (subtract).

Before you play around, consider to learn at first. There are many guides here on GDN and elsewhere in web.

Hungrycowdesign (HungryCow212) 10.11.2021 14:25
Bilbo, some people are hands-on learners. The best way to learn is to fail. Consider that.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.11.2021 15:33
OMG - the best way to learn is reading some basics first before spamming a forum with unnecessary questions.

Besides, according the name of this forum "developer" some basic knowledge should to be expected.
And much more suitable for rookie questions is the general Giants forum.

Hungrycowdesign (HungryCow212) 11.11.2021 03:04
You have been given practically zero context. You have no way of knowing if they have already read guides or watched tutorials and simply forgotten how to do it. Giants Editor is far from intuitive. You could just answer the question and move on, but instead you look for ways to insult people.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.11.2021 09:25
Learn to read and understand before you write crap.
I've answered the question and additionally I've recommanded to learn a few basics. That's all.

David Brown (mrscsi) 21.11.2021 15:51
Classic example of WHY I and others do not even bother to post here anymore...

Does not matter what is asked, Beutlin has to chime in the snark...

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.11.2021 22:05
And why do you nevertheless still post here?
I find it very welcome if trolls post somewhere else than in a developer forum.

David Brown (mrscsi) 22.11.2021 00:50
Actually I come by and check the forums every now and again for insightful content and for things that I might not know…

But since I already know how to be an ass hole, nothing you are adding to the forum is of interest to me

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