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Editing working widths in fs22?

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Created26.11.2021 21:16

Jeremy Boyd (JB_mods) 26.11.2021 21:16
Howdy, I am creating new mods form base game and making unrealistic machines by editing their horsepower and capacity for the crop. However, I cant seem to find where you can edit the working width on machines, has anyone been able to find were I can change that in the XML files?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.11.2021 23:09
The working width is usually determined by the vehicle.xml <workArea> nodes. To change/shift these nodes you must edit the vehicle.i3d.

Tracy Walker (lightinbolt) 27.11.2021 23:38
open i3d file with editor and change workareaStart and workareaWidth to desire size i did this on the tpn140 and the disc_o_vigne to make working the orchard a little easier. i didnt do anything to the xml files and works fine for me. if you change the start and width to 1.5 on each you will be able to work down 1 row at a time where now without mod you have to go down each row twice to get most everything

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