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AI Splines and meshes

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Created27.11.2021 10:55

Mike Canada (OldGuy) 27.11.2021 10:55
I noticed the AI transport function uses the AI traffic splines.

anyone figure out how these splines work, there is 2 different types of splines,

also the collisions are created by the map, how do these work with the splines?

big maps with lots of roads will be a nightmare by the looks of it,

William Rowe (Bonger76) 24.12.2021 17:05
Have the same question.Can't find any answers.If you have a field a long way from a traffic spline do you have to make a spline from field to the traffic spline and another from the traffic spline to the field,and the traffic spline does it have to end and start where the AI spline meet?
I will keep messing with this If I figure it out I let you know.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 24.12.2021 20:16
Suggest you look at the default maps for that information, and you will be able to work out how they are used/created, they are under the splines transform group and require the visibilty to be ticked for each one to enable viewing.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 26.12.2021 22:35
Ok the AI splines are glitchy and realy make the game laggy and Alot of worker block by object and other I don't know what to do from the AI when nothing thier. Along ways from A traffic spline you have to be close to, or on A AI spline.You also do have to have two AI splines with differnt start and stop point which is easy unuff copy the spline you made and reverse the copy if whant the AI to be able to go both direction.When it made freeze translate it and put it in the AI splin transform group.You dont have to make transiton or intersection groups just get them near aTraffic spline or anotherAI splin.You need to stop them short when you whant them to go from one spline to another or they swing wide and the have a hard time
with corners.I havent figured out the block by object yet, i think on my 16x map it is to fare from A Traffic spline,you have to put the tractor on the AI spline then it works I really dont know glitchy.I think CoarsePlay would be better option.

Ken Poth (pothk) 29.12.2021 00:58
the ai uses the splines first then uses the textures after that, some textures take prioirty over others, so ai will drive over lets say gravel before traveling over dirt and etc, they all work in conjunction with each other

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 29.12.2021 11:30
The custom bits in the BC7 textures header inform the AI of what texture it is going over which is why if you are converting/creating new terrain textures it is important (until a suitable converter is released) to copy the correct bits over in the Hex editor, for example game to custom, game to custom etc

William Rowe (Bonger76) 30.12.2021 16:27
@Ken thanks for the info ,that makes sence now how the AI act,example had an AIspline that ended near a trainSpline,I forgot to put the next AI spline in the transform group and the AI got on the train track ,I though that it was picking up on the trainSpline but the train tracks ground is painted gravle,so then it was the gravle and out side that was grass. Do you know the textures priority,it would help when painting the ground to help AI run smoother.
Thanks again

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