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How to make normal pallets spawn like bee's pallets in separate hotspot?

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Created27.11.2021 13:39

Jerzy Iw (zetdota) 27.11.2021 13:39
HI All

I'm looking for a way to make greenhouse spawn pallets at single point, set up identically to beehives single point pickup.

So far I've compared some files, but so far I don't get how to do it Can someone please help on getting idea how to do it?


<hotspot type="BEE" />


<hotspot type="LOADING" linkNode="beehivePalletSpawner" teleportNode="teleportNode"/>

<triggerMarker node="warningStripes_palletSpawnArea" adjustToGround="true" groundOffset="0.01" />

<spawnPlace startNode="spawnSpace1start" />


(hard to copy from) I checked, palletSpawner pallets beehivePalletSpawner hotspots


<hotspot type="PRODUCTION_POINT" linkNode="unloadTriggerMarker" teleportNode="teleportNode" />

<palletSpawner node="palletSpawner">
<spawnPlace startNode="spawnPlace1Start" />

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.11.2021 14:43
You have to edit in the placeable.i3d the palletSpawner area.

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