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Terrain mesh paint mode GE 9.0.1

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Created28.11.2021 02:22

Kalsarikännit (Ghostzlayer00) 28.11.2021 02:22
I tried to use the new tool to place out trees on my map, but it won't place out trees in certain areas.
Especially where there are non buyable areas, but i fixed that, but it still won't place out trees.

Kyle Meyer (kjmeyer) 28.11.2021 03:03
I cant get it to work at all what did you do to get this far

Kalsarikännit (Ghostzlayer00) 28.11.2021 05:05
How far do you mean?

Melvin Brt (ETA_Gillois) 01.12.2021 21:13
Salut, désolé je ne parle pas anglais..

J'ai trouvé la solution, il ce pourrait que tu ai un primative sous ton terrain ( plane, cube... ) il faut que ce primative soit supérieur à la hauteur de ton terrain.

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