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Why cant we snap a spline to terrain in GE 9.

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Created28.11.2021 02:22

Kyle Meyer (kjmeyer) 28.11.2021 02:22
Why did giants remove the ability to snap a segment of spline to the ground in GE 9. I used it a ton in GE 8 why would they remove it for GE 9 or is it still hidden in there somewhere?

Ken Poth (pothk) 28.11.2021 06:18
u can use control B now to do that

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 28.11.2021 12:46
Simple way is to just use insert and then ctrl B to place your spline CV (as previously mentioned) or create your own spline using the script from here.

The script allows for the original spline to be created in 2d with less cv’s and away from the terrain, it then creates a text file in the editor log with a user selected number of CV's aligned to the terrain which you then copy/paste into notepad++ and save as a spline.3d then import the spline into GE

Gary Phillips (blueweb) 21.01.2022 14:28
Oh my, why would they remove this. It was so useful!!!!

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