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Giants editor crashes when i try load anything?

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Created28.11.2021 15:36

Joe Crab (kingvfd) 28.11.2021 15:36
Latest version for FS22 was working ok?

now when i open it it just says 'starting' in corner and if i try load anything into it it shuts down, same if i open directly i.e select a map ID3

tried to reinstall several times is just the same?

any help would be much appreciated.

Orkogato Garfield (OrkoGato) 28.11.2021 16:04
I'm experiencing the same issues.

Joe Crab (kingvfd) 28.11.2021 17:26
please post if you find a solution!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.11.2021 17:45
Most common problem is a wrong path in GE preferences -> game installation.

Pay attention to select NOT menu file -> import preferences. This will import the preferences from earlier GE incl. game install path.

Joe Crab (kingvfd) 28.11.2021 18:32
how do edit the preference's?

ive a fairly new windows install so no old version on giants on my pc.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 28.11.2021 19:01
*sigh* Honestly, how do you intend to work with the editor if you didn't even explore some basic functions?
Start the GE (without file), go to GE menu files -> preferences/general
For usage see also a rough overview here in GDN/Documentation/Editor.

Reason why the path is not set properly: the installer of GE tries to read the game install path from Windows registry. But this is only set if the game is installed properly (as administrator).

Joe Crab (kingvfd) 28.11.2021 19:25

that game path was correct, never noticed all that bit before as it auto populates and has always been correct before so no need to check it,

my game and editor is on different drives but it was fine and correct,

the editor first crashed 2 days ago and even though i reinstalled i just did the same thing,

i went the the editor log (open giants, select file then preferences and within here the log location can be found) they are hidden files so you have to turn visibility on to see them, deleted these files (they were all 2 days old which i thought might be the issue),

reopened giants and it worked perfectly!!!!

I suspect it was getting some weird info from these logs and making the editor crash!

so all working now! thanks fot the help!

Orkogato Garfield (OrkoGato) 28.11.2021 20:45
sorted !!!!!!

thanks a lot @bilbo

Glenn Bailey (Buzz2112) 06.03.2022 17:28
Deleting those 2 files worked for me, Thankyou J_C.

kotu_kinto 22.05.2022 20:18
I deleted everything out of my app data folder and it's working now.

Dominic Pickering (Big_Boy_Dumb) 23.05.2022 23:09

Dominic Pickering (Big_Boy_Dumb) 23.05.2022 23:12
mine still doesnt work! is there any other reason why it doesnt want to behave?

Ilton Almeida Santos Filho (Ilton) 25.05.2022 15:59
Essa forma me ajudou e resolveu meu problema @Joe Crab

Jennifer Peary (jennp) 17.06.2022 16:51
help every time i try to upload a mod to edit it crashes what to do to fix it

Braden Bernard (big_daddy4203) 19.06.2022 10:29
my editor just says starting for hours i have intel cpu i5 gtx 1650 and 16gb of ram

Tom Silesian (Siesian) 20.11.2022 13:02
I had the same problem ...
All you need to do is set the game folder, then the editor works great
GE menu: files -> preferences/general -> game installation/Instalation Path > use [...] and set the game folder

Jeff Goerig (goerig) 02.02.2023 03:47
I am having trouble as well. Where did you find the "game installation/Installation Path?

Grotstabel Bernhard (grotstabel_ber) 07.02.2023 02:26
I always get no feedback and then the editor closes by the evitor v9.0.2 and v9.0.3 and canĀ“t start
only the editor v8.2.2 for ls19 is work
can i use the editor v8.2.2 for fs19 also for fs22

Grotstabel Bernhard (grotstabel_ber) 07.02.2023 02:28
I thank you for an answer what I can do

Oliver Pottinger (ollie7530) 01.03.2023 12:42
every time i go into giants editor it says starting for hours and when i change the preferences to the right path and click apply the editor crashes and it sets it to the old path i dont have a clue what to do any help would be much appreciated

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