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Terrain texture paint blocks/pixel size x4 map

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Created29.11.2021 21:09

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 29.11.2021 21:09
Dear all,

Downloaded a x4 basemap.

However when I paint in terrain texture tool, its far more blocky on the ground textures than the standard map size.
Does anyone have an idea on how to make the brush size/texture blocks of the ground textures smaller and thus the same as the standard map? Its almost impossible to create a nice looking straight road with such large blocky ground textures.



Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.11.2021 02:45
Make the brush size smaller by entering a decimal value in the "radius" field.
AFAIK the minimum is restricted by the density maps' resolutions.

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 04.12.2021 12:51
Thanks for your reply Bilbo.

Indeed best result you can get with the smaller brush size and aligning to the grid of the map. Have not found a way, incl trying to increase the densitiy map resolution, to make the grid smaller and therefore less blocky painting.
Best result I get is then aligning to the current raster/grid.

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