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Created07.12.2021 17:37

Savreux Francois (savreux) 07.12.2021 17:37
following creation of a maps farming simulator 22 I would have liked to know how to create a PDA ??
if you could give me the step i will thank you
thanks in advance

Ken Poth (pothk) 07.12.2021 21:47
will need to know that size map you are referring to , but in the sdk there is an overview file u may have to resize it but the way i did it for a 4x is put my pda for the map in the middle of that, so for a 4x i had to resize it to 8192 with my "pda" of the actual map at 4096, if standard i would say leave the overview the same size and image for map set to 2048

Savreux Francois (savreux) 10.12.2021 20:25
Good evening
i just finished fs22 maps
and I can't get my pda out under giants
before you had to create a camera and put in attributes 2100 and - 90
in order to have the overview but I tried everything and impossible to have the overview
if you can help me please to show PDA the procedure to follow I would be grateful to you !!
thanks in advance

William Rowe (Bonger76) 11.12.2021 03:17

This video on youtube can help

Tim Hager (tmanhagger) 14.12.2021 06:17
For the PDA where it is out of proportion I had to make a background that was for a 4x map 8192x8192 and then put my PDA pic in as 4096x4096 and it fix the scaling issue but still cant get it to find where I'm at in the map like its off or something

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 14.12.2021 06:29
Have you checked this line in map.xml?
<map width="4096" height="4096" imageFilename="maps/mapUS/overview.png" mapFieldColor="0.1500 0.1195 0.0953" mapGrassFieldColor="0.1470 0.1441 0.0823">

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.12.2021 17:14
Tim ,had the same with 16x had to make my PDA16384x16384 and put the old 1xmap or 1024x1024 that had a 2048x2048 PDA put it in the center of the 16384x16384 and that work,which gives you a area to put a map boarder pic. ,notes ect.I also took a 8192x8192 wich is the original 16x PDA sive and resized the 1x PDA from 2048x2048 to 1024x1024 and that work no area for boarder, when it loads in game the game stretches the PDA out from the 4096x4096 map size to make wide boarder that you can't add the misc. pic. I hpe that might help spent two days banging my head on the desk.

and like Jānis Strautiņš stated you still need to leave the, map width="4096" height="4096", the same two times the map size.

1x- map width="2048" height="2048"
4x- map width="4096" height="4096"
16x- map width="8192" height="8192"

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