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Created10.12.2021 20:05

Jonathan Hoeft (Jhoeft) 10.12.2021 20:05
Hello everyone, I am working on making a 16 km map for fs22. So far I have gotten an 8km flat map with no errors. For the 8 km map I have:
weight files = 4096x4096
density files = 16384x16384
infoLayer_farmland = 4096x4096
infoLayer_indoorMask = 16384x16384
infoLayer_navigationCollision = 8192x8192
infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated = 4096x4096
infoLayer_tipCollision = 16384x16384
infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated = 16384x16384
map_dem = 4097x4097

Do I just double those numbers to turn it into a 16km map?

Michael Grosse Lutermann (Darkfaer666) 11.12.2021 10:39
looks like 16x. I use this values for my 16x too.

Jonathan Hoeft (Jhoeft) 11.12.2021 19:41
Michael Grosse Lutermann (Darkfaer666)

It's supposed to be a 64x. I believe I got it working. I just changed the UnitsPerPixel from 2 to 4, and it doubled the size.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 12.12.2021 12:52
If you whant better painting in the map and in the landscaping in the game up the from "weight files = 4096x4096 to weight files = 8192x8192" this is
what it should have been in FS19 but it coused bad FPS and screen studder when working the ground so map modders used the
weight files = 4096x4096 and not the weight files = 8192x8192 . I put mine at the 8192x8192 and it tested fine so fare, none of the grafics problems like I had in FS19,but this is some thing you whant to test yourself.
You will aslo have to change in your map i3d. in the TerrainTransformGroup line lodTextureSize="8192"

My system=

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 16GB of ram

Tiago Piloneto (Tiago_Piloneto) 21.12.2021 16:00
In short, it would be this:

Normal map size
1. densityMap_fruits: 4096x4096
2. densityMap_ground: 4096x4096
3. densityMap_height: 4096x4096
4. densityMap_stones: 4096x4096
5. densityMap_weed: 4096x4096
6. infoLayer_farmland: 1024x1024
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 4096x4096
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 2048x2048
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 1024x1024
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 4096x4096
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 4096x4096
12. map_dem: 1025x1025

4x map size
1. densityMap_fruits: 8192x8192
2. densityMap_ground: 8192x8192
3. densityMap_height: 8192x8192
4. densityMap_stones: 8192x8192
5. densityMap_weed: 8192x8192
6. infoLayer_farmland: 2048x2048
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 8192x8192
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 4096x4096
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 2048x2048
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 8192x8192
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 8192x8192
12. map_dem: 2049x2049

- [ in your map i3d. in the TerrainTransformGroup line lodTextureSize="4096" ]

16x map size
1. densityMap_fruits: 16384x16384
2. densityMap_ground: 16384x16384
3. densityMap_height: 16384x16384
4. densityMap_stones: 16384x16384
5. densityMap_weed: 16384x16384
6. infoLayer_farmland: 4096x4096
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 16384x16384
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 8192x8192
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 4096x4096
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 16384x16384
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 16384x16384
12. map_dem: 4097x4097

- [ in your map i3d. in the TerrainTransformGroup line lodTextureSize="8192" ]

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 22.12.2021 02:42
good afternoon Tiago Piloneto)))

I have done everything as written by you, but for some reason I do not display the plowing and lime filter

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 22.12.2021 03:47
I made density Map_groundin 4096 and a filter with infantry and lime appeared, but errors began to beat

Error: addRequiredCropType foliage 325733 must match the size of the ground terrain detail.

Chad Litty (charady) 28.12.2021 02:40
Thank you for the info Tiago Piloneto, very much appreciated

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 28.12.2021 20:16
How do you change the above files?
Do I need a certain program?

Do I need to convert them to open i like

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 29.12.2021 09:51
Exacty, download
Then simply drag grele / gdm files on convert.cmd
Then open them in and resize

Tiago Piloneto (Tiago_Piloneto) 29.12.2021 15:51
Importantly, to load the converted file to PNG you must open map.i3d with notepad (I prefer to use NOTEPAD++) and change the file extension from .gdm to .png.
Remember to remove the .grle file from the folder, so that the png will be loaded when you open the GIANTS Editor - it will read the converted file.
<File fileId="280" filename="data/densityMap_fruits.png"/>
<File fileId="225" filename="data/infoLayer_farmland.png"/>

Jason Sherman (qsealp) 30.12.2021 23:27
so I have a 16X map called Huron county MI from FS19 and auto converted the map with GE and of course there were lots of errors, my question is where at in the file am I changing this data? I open the file for the map with Notepad++ but I don't see this information you guys are talking about in notepad or GE for the map? I am also new to modding and trying to learn.

Switcher Switch (Switcher) 01.01.2022 17:13
How can i change <TerrainTransformGroup name="terrain" lodTextureSize="2048" to 4096 ? Everytime i change this number, save i3d and again open, everything is back.

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 01.01.2022 23:09
So I might have something set wrong.
When I try to paint in terraindetail texture, it will only let me paint big areas, when I set the brush to small, it won't paint. So I might have something set wrong some where.

I can paint small areas in the foilage texture, like smal patches of weed.

Any ideas?

Edit: Hm perhaps the problem is that when I save the map in the editor, it changed all the *.png-files I just edited to be 512 x 512, why did it do that?

So after changing all the above values for a x 16 map, I then start op the map in GE, and when I save, it changes the lod size to 512, even though I changed it to 8192.

And if I then again change all these files, it happends again and in the GE i I get there 3 lines of errors

FoliageTransformGroup 'C:/Users/knarf/Desktop/FS22_noMansLand - Map-edit/maps/data/densityMap_fruits.png' may need space for up to 3521584 instances (1819 per cell x 1936 cells)

FoliageTransformGroup 'C:/Users/knarf/Desktop/FS22_noMansLand - Map-edit/maps/data/densityMap_weed.png' may need space for up to 663552 instances (512 per cell x 1296 cells)

FoliageTransformGroup 'C:/Users/knarf/Desktop/FS22_noMansLand - Map-edit/maps/data/densityMap_stones.png' may need space for up to 663552 instances (512 per cell x 1296 cells)

Any ideas would be awesome

Switcher Switch (Switcher) 02.01.2022 07:31
Hello , i had the same problem, your png has wrong attributes , see this. I open photoshop, open for example mud_weight01.png a and resize from 2048*2048 to 4096*4096 (i have 4x size map)

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 03.01.2022 16:03
No I doulble checked all.
I changed weight files to 4096X4096
I changed all other files to according to the guilde for a 4 x map.
When I open the map.id3 files in GE, and save, it changes all weight files 512x512, and it sets the lodTextureSize to "512"

Also I can only paint large areas in terraintexture mode, like the pixels are very large.
I dont have that issus with the foilage painting, there I can add and remove small patches of gras etc.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Hope someone can help me here.

Ignas Ignacijus (KONSTRUKTOR) 06.06.2022 07:46
Your png files should be 8 bit grayscale if its not then you will get this error.I encountered this error myself

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