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Same friut on all field

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Created12.12.2021 18:33

Oman Jemen (PamHerbatnik) 12.12.2021 18:33
Hi, all fields on my map have the same type of crop. Each time I start a new game, all fields are sown the same fruit, for example sunflowers or oat. The fields have their own farmland and a different NPC.

Is there some way to fix these strange crops?

Kurucz Ferenc (Kferi22) 12.12.2021 23:01
Hello to me too, however, I deleted the last or grassy area in the Giant Editor and it worked.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 13.12.2021 01:36
I think what Kurucz Ferenc is saying is that the field need to be painted dirt ,if you look at the game map they are painted dirt .select the fields transform group in script map,toggel render field areas they will be highlighted in blue paint them dirt you don't need to paint in the fied terrian
except your starter farm.

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 13.12.2021 06:34
All of my fields have grass texture and terrain detail painted (copied densityMap_ground.gdm from save) for accurate reference and my fields have different crops each time.

Kurucz Ferenc (Kferi22) 13.12.2021 10:27
I didn't write to me that the problem was solved by deleting a land number let's say field08 and I know it was a grass area.

Owen Smeby (smeby4925) 18.12.2021 01:04
No fix for this yet? @oman Jemen

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 18.12.2021 02:58
Check your "farmlands.xml":
'densityMapFilename' must point to your map specific farmland layer.
'numChannels' restricts the amount of <farmland id=.. to 2^numChannels, eg. for numChannels="6" the 'id' must be in range 1 - 63.
Pay attention this 'numChannels' doesn't exceed the map.i3d <InfoLayer name="farmlands" numChannels=..

Certainly you must also have valid entries in
<farmland id=.. priceScale=.. npcName=.. />

Oman Jemen (PamHerbatnik) 18.12.2021 23:01
Hi guys,
After that time, I found a solution. Number of fields in transform group "fields" must be even. So it mean you must got for example 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 36, 98 fields. Field don't need to be painted dirt or terrain detail paint.

Thank you for helping everyone,

Kyle Schmeltzer (Sm3ltz) 05.01.2022 17:06
Was anyone able to find a fix for this? I have exactly 10 fields on my standard size map. All with field dimensions and there own farmland ID's. I only want wheat, corn and beans as my default fruits. If i change my fruit types xml to only have those fruits as available for field jobs, i get all the same fruit type on my fields at startup.
My fields are all grass texture but have terrain detail on them. If I leave all the fruits enabled i have no issue so it's not a file issue. There's something in the base game causing it. What gives?

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 06.01.2022 03:41
Doesnt have to have even number of fields, my map has 101 fields and is working perfectly.

Kirkbinar Nolan (Nolan51) 06.01.2022 12:57

Delete the last fields you created in the "field" folder of the map and go see in-game.

I had the same problem and it is now fixed!

William Rowe (Bonger76) 25.01.2022 23:01
OK now I ran into this problem,had 76 fields worked no problem, add 77th field now all fields planted same type ,remove 77 works fine it not the new field removed 76 changed 77 to 76 works fine it is like it toped out at 76??????????
Anyone figured this out and how to fix?

I'm useing the base USmap that started with 82 fields, the one thing that I have done is made the TerraFarm mod part of the map so I could make new dig types and make layers that match ,I added 7 new layers it all looks and works good,have I toped out something,the TerraFarm I added 10 new filltypes to my filltype.xml.

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