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Can't buy land. Farmland error

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Created18.12.2021 10:40

ClaudiuP25 18.12.2021 10:40
I want to edit a map and make a TP map. The problem is at Farmland. At France map, i want to buy a part of town and river to make public works on this part. I make with Farmland 14 this part in GE 9, but the problem is, in the game i can't buy this land. A part with ground i cand buy, but the other part with town and river, i can't
How can i make this land to buy?
P.S. Sorry for my english, i'm from Romania :)

Luke Lee (Luke974) 18.12.2021 13:50
check the map.xml file and make sure the farmland xml file is pointed at your map "mapFR/farmlands.xml" and not the default location "$data/maps/mapFR/farmlands.xml" etc also check "infoLayer_farmland.grle" in the map i3d (open in note pad ++) is not pointing to the base game directory "$data/maps/mapFR/data/infoLayer_farmland.grle" now any edits you make to the famrland in the editor will work in game.

ClaudiuP25 18.12.2021 14:25
I solved it. In farmland.xml document i pointed this line "$data/maps/mapFR/farmlands.xml", into this ,,maps/mapFR/farmlands.xml". I've been angry because map.xml and i3d was correct, but i can't buy this land...
Thanks for ideea!

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