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Point of sale error

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Created18.12.2021 16:54

Clément (fermedelasouche) 18.12.2021 16:54
Hello, I cannot place any points of sale on my card, I am currently placing my vehicle point of sale, and here is the error I am getting

2021-12-18 16:49 Error (C:/Users/cleme/OneDrive/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/FS22_samplemodmap/maps/mapAlpine/items.xml): Class 'Workshop' not defined for item 'items.item(0)'

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.12.2021 05:20
1. For pre-placed buildings you must use the "placeables.xml"
2. The <item className=.. is obsolete
3. You should NOT use OneDrive (or similar) for FS/GE related files. This often gives errors.

Clément (fermedelasouche) 19.12.2021 16:59

i just used the placeables.xml, and here is the error i get

Warning: PlaceableUtil.loadPlaceable can only load existing store items, no store item for xml filename 'placeables/sellingStationVehicles.xml'

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 19.12.2021 17:11
More likely than not 'placeables/sellingStationVehicles.xml' is incorrect. Try '$mapdir$/placeables/sellingStationVehicles.xml' if you are hosting the file yourself, or '$data/placeables/sellingStationVehicles.xml' if you are using the game's version. There could be a few reasons, but the error is more or less telling you that it can't find the file.

Clément (fermedelasouche) 19.12.2021 17:34
I redid my path, and even used the second one to fetch the game's xml directly, and I still have the same error

Onkel2000 (Onkel2000) 19.12.2021 19:06
I'm also desperate, in the 19s it worked wonderfully. here I've tried everything that was possible.

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 19.12.2021 19:59
Add it to storeitems.xml as <storeItem xmlFilename="maps/placeables/sellingStationVehicles.xml" />
Correct path if needed.
Also dont forget to change path for storeitems.xml in map.xml
Good luck.

Clément (fermedelasouche) 19.12.2021 21:30
Thank you very much, it works!

Placeable. xml and storeItem.xml for it to work;)

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