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Created20.12.2021 08:56

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 20.12.2021 08:56
creating a map x8)))

I am faced with such a problem!

in the filter, plowing and lime go beyond the border of the map!

tell me what could be the trouble?

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 20.12.2021 13:37
You have to resize infoLayer_limeLevel and the same for plow.

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 21.12.2021 05:34
I have fs 22, there is no such file there

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 21.12.2021 06:22
In data folder, where DEM, weight and density maps are. Look again.

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 22.12.2021 18:48
hi )

I did according to this scenario!

and my plowing has disappeared altogether!

but when reducing the density Map_groundfile Error: add the required type of pruning foliage 325733 must match the size of the terrain detail.

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 22.12.2021 18:49
16x map size
1. densityMap_fruits: 16384x16384
2. densityMap_ground: 16384x16384
3. densityMap_height: 16384x16384
4. densityMap_stones: 16384x16384
5. densityMap_weed: 16384x16384
6. infoLayer_farmland: 4096x4096
7. infoLayer_indoorMask: 16384x16384
8. infoLayer_navigationCollision: 8192x8192
9. infoLayer_placementCollisionGenerated: 4096x4096
10. infoLayer_tipCollision: 16384x16384
11. infoLayer_tipCollisionGenerated: 16384x16384
12. map_dem: 4097x4097

- [ in your map i3d. in the TerrainTransformGroup line lodTextureSize="8192" ]

Jānis Strautiņš (strauts6) 22.12.2021 21:08
infoLayer_limeLevel.grle 16384x16384
infoLayer_plowLevel.grle 16384x16384

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 23.12.2021 06:48
thanks for the hint, figured it out, looked through the xml file

Nikita Vlasov (nikita) 23.12.2021 07:03
I fixed one mistake, but then another one came out,Error: Could not find motion path effect mesh for settings (Class: 'PlowMotionPathEffect', numRows: 60, rowLength: 18, fruitType 'nil', growthState '0', fillType 'UNKNOWN')

Ken Poth (pothk) 29.12.2021 01:04
just an fyi if u do new mod from game for making a map, the editor does not copy over those extra infolayers so u just have to add them to your map, if u are gonna be doing resizeing u need to go to map xml, and change ground type xml to point to your files and go into your copy of the ground type xml and change the paths to the infolayers in your map

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