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Created21.12.2021 13:34

Artur Nevmerichenko (Gazelius_2228) 21.12.2021 13:34
When I run the editor here is the error: "Could not create the render device"

Artur Nevmerichenko (Gazelius_2228) 21.12.2021 13:34
Editor last version

Timothy Hinz (Timothy478912) 15.05.2022 23:34
i'm having the same problem ;-;

Jason Boone (slimjack35) 17.05.2022 16:18
me too
how to fix it

Jason Boone (slimjack35) 17.05.2022 16:19
me too

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 18.05.2022 12:27
The best I could come up with on this error is that it has something to do with DirectX or OpenGL. It could be that your graphics card is just not up to the task. What kind of graphics capability do you have? Integrated Intel graphics, or a dedicated card? What version of DX or OpenGL is installed?

Dustin Juliano (Jeebs7) 23.08.2022 05:21
Same here... I'm running Windows 10 on an iMac via Parallels. My grpahics card is Radeon Pro Vega 48, 8GB. I can run FS22 just fine on my machine, I'm guessing it's a Windows setting or something to do with Windows not recognizing or finding my graphics card? Any help is appreciated.

René Peybernes (Darknes) 25.08.2022 09:39
Hi there. I have the same problem. When opening the editor I get the error message: "impossible to create the rendering device". Still, I have no problem with the versions of the game (FS 19 / FS 22) which works fine. All my drivers seem up to date. Thank you for your reply.

Kieran Flanagan (kieranl29) 07.12.2022 22:26
Same issue i am also up to date.

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