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Paint and Terrain Changes Issue

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Created24.12.2021 09:22

Luke Lee (Luke974) 24.12.2021 09:22
When i paint any where or adjust the terrain smooth it out or anything the terrain and paint reverts back to what it was, i have never had this problem before and has only happened since updating to the new version of GE.

Christoffer Timm (StoffeTimm) 24.12.2021 13:40
Hey! I got the same problem yesterday. I first thought i messed up my map as it happened while i was adding textures from the Alpine map to my US starter map. Me and my friend and a couple of people in a discord server went back and forth trying to fix this issue. We all came to the conclusion that it has to be a bug with the new GE, as tthis issue happened on all maps for me,and that my map didn't work for me but did for my friend. Been waititng for one of these threads to pop up. The more people that report this bug the faster Giants can work on it after their Christmas vacation.

Regards, Timm_6600

Luke Lee (Luke974) 24.12.2021 13:49
It was working fine earlier, turned the computer off when i came back to work on the map again this problem started and same problem as you problem is happening on all maps including in game maps (done as a test as i backed up the files before saving the changes). I have checked for windows updates, checked windows 10 file integrity in case an update happened and caused a problem when installing, reinstalled GE 9.02 after deleting all files and folders after uninstalling it. Nothing seems to change as the problem is still there, weirdly i can paint foliage no problem just can't pain textures or change the terrain as it reverts back to what it was before i did any of the changes.

Christoffer Timm (StoffeTimm) 24.12.2021 14:24
Same here. I reinstalled Farming, GE and still have this issue. Im currently downgrading farming so i can use GE 9.0.1 instead. Try it!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 24.12.2021 14:49
No problem at all on a custom mod map with changing ground textures or terrain adjustments, saving /opening using GE 9.0.2 Patch either with just GE or in game with a new save game.

Christoffer Timm (StoffeTimm) 24.12.2021 14:55
I just tried downgrading to 9.0.1 and it actually fixed the issue! Will be mapping on 9.0.1 until Ginats fixes this.

Justin Vollmer (Vollmer) 28.12.2021 20:54
I am having the same issue.

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