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Giants editor can't change the terrain to create lakes and rivers

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Created26.12.2021 18:31

Joshua Akers (scarboy17) 26.12.2021 18:31
Hi i am in the progress of building a 4x map and am unable to sculpt the terrain to make lakes and rivers. Creating hills and lifting the terrain works perfectly but not for lowering the terrain thanks anyone know what i am doing wrong thankyou.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.12.2021 18:39
Then you probably have your terrain dem height set to zero, the minimum height for the terrain should be no less than 10m to allow for rivers/canyons etc.

Luke Lee (Luke974) 26.12.2021 18:42
Can you paint grass, gravel or any other texture layer if not then the only work around for now is to revert back to FS22 1.1 and use Giants editor 9.01 until a new version of the editor is out

Joshua Akers (scarboy17) 26.12.2021 19:02
Hi colin thanks will check that out do you know what I need to do or what to go on to change it thanks

Joshua Akers (scarboy17) 26.12.2021 19:03
Hi luke yes everything else works thanks

Joshua Akers (scarboy17) 26.12.2021 19:05
Hi luke yes everything else works thanks

Joshua Akers (scarboy17) 26.12.2021 19:07
Hi luke yes everything else works thanks

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.12.2021 19:11
How you have created your terrain depends on what method can be used, if using a SRTM/DEM then you can adjust the Z range in Microdem however if you have created the terrain yourself then there are two options , one is to start again with a higher terrain, and another is to open your map.dem.png in an image editor and increase the brightness level in steps of 5 each time testing in game till you have the required minimum height level, this method will increase ALL your height levels so you may have to balance the brightnes with contrast to level things off again.

Joshua Akers (scarboy17) 26.12.2021 19:18
Hi colin thanks do you know what i need to do to change it thanks

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.12.2021 19:29
Further information on how to create DEMs should you need it s available here,

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