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Foliage distance colors

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Created10.11.2011 17:39

Mike Gregor (Unknown) 10.11.2011 17:51
As I understand it there are 2 ways to change the color of each growthNumStates distanceMapIds, distanceMapUnitSizes and distanceColors. While creating 4 distance files seems appealing, it's actually tedious. I have a lot of fruits or rather the option to select. And I think distanceColors would be much simpler, If I knew which 5 numbers to put in each sets of 3 for say green or brown. Isn't there a cheat I know its RGB based, still guessing numbers from 0 to 1 seems at best difficult.

Thanks for your time :)

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 23.11.2011 10:06
The reason to use textures for the distance instead simple colors, is that you can add some more details in the distance. E.g. imagine a grass field. If you use a simple green color for the distance, it will look just uniform green, however if you use a texture with some variation, it will look much nicer.
I think its definitely worth it, to create those textures for the distance.

The distance colors are just arrays of RBG values. Where the R, G and B value is separated by a space, and the different values for the different growth states are separated by a semi colon (;).
These values are between 0 and 1, where 0 0 0 is black and 1 1 1 is full white.
I normally use the Photoshop color selector to find the right color (there the values are between 0 and 255. Thus you need to divide by 255 to get the right values). Also the Windows Paint has a color selector.
And finally there are a lot of color tables in the web. E.g.

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