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Created29.12.2021 09:42

Onkel2000 (Onkel2000) 29.12.2021 09:42
Hi, everyone,

I am trying to add AI traffic to my card. I actually did everything as I know it from the 19s, also looked at the original maps. It works wonderfully with pedestrians. Do the splines have to be connected circuits? Somehow everything is pieced together in the original cards. Can someone tell me how the splines have to look like here in the LS22?


Hallo zusammen,

Ich versuche auf meiner Karte KI-Verkehr einzufügen. Ich habe eigentlich alles so gemacht wie ich es aus dem 19er kenne, habe auch in den Original Karten geschaut. Mit Fussgängern funktioniert es wunderbar. Müssen die Splines verbundene Rundkurse sein? Es ist in denn Original Karten irgendwie alles gestückelt. Kann mir vielleicht jemand erzählen wie hier im LS22 sterben Splines dafür auszusehen müssen müssen?

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 29.12.2021 22:57
Yes they have to be closed or spliced, move the end point close to the start point and press letter - O on the keyboard, S to splice it.
Make sure it's placed correctly in the editor.

Like this:
gameplay - Transform Group
^ splines - Transform Group
^ trafficSystem - Transform Group
^ RoadNameHere - Spline
^ RoadExitNameHere - Spline
^ parkedCars - Transform Group
^ vehicle01
^ vehicle02
^ vehicle03
^ vehicle04
^ vehicle05

Hopefully this helps you, and I understood what you meant.
I'm stuck on changing the speeds scale in in different zones myself lol.

Onkel2000 (Onkel2000) 30.12.2021 20:54
Thanks @Gregg Macfarlane

It works now. Do you have any idea why the cars almost always come to a standstill at the junction?

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 03.01.2022 07:28
@Onkel2000 (Onkel2000)

Actually no not till now, It just happened on a spline that was working fine. I think it has to do with an object nearby... I'll let you know how I fix it ok.

Onkel2000 (Onkel2000) 03.01.2022 11:41
@Gregg Macfarlane

That would be nice. I've already tried everything. can't get it. Thank you :)

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