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Soil Composition map filters not properly aligned

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Created30.12.2021 02:20

Jason Thomas (Malachi2241) 30.12.2021 02:20
I would like to preface this with saying I am pretty new to map modding. I have done some equipment but new to maps.

I am currently working on a 4x map and the issue I am having is on the soil comp map weeds and fert state align correctly with fields but needs plowing and needs lime do not. I believe I have all the .gdm and .grle files properly sized but I honestly don't even know if they would cause my issue. I have searched everywhere I can think of for a root cause. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Jason Thomas (Malachi2241) 30.12.2021 02:24
NVM... please delete. I just saw responses to another post that answered my questions.

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