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Showing sell point icons ingame

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Created08.01.2022 19:26

Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 08.01.2022 19:27
I'm doing an Edit of a map.
Not all sellpoint on the map have icons, they are all working, but kinda hard to find.

Where do set the sell icon?

I guess they are all set as placables so what do I have to do get the icons to show on the ingame map and minimap.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 09.01.2022 02:08
If you look at the base game sell points .xml thier is the

<hotspot type="UNLOADING" teleportNode="teleportNode" />

and your i3d mapping looks something like this,you need to have a teleport transform node in your .i3d
, then put its path down below in the <i3dMapping id="teleportNode" node="0>6" /> whatever that node is in your.i3d.The "UNLOADING" in the
hotspots is the icon and it will put it wherever you whant the icon.

<i3dMapping id="unloadingStation" node="0>" />
<i3dMapping id="tipOcclusionUpdateArea1Start" node="0>0" />
<i3dMapping id="tipOcclusionUpdateArea1End" node="0>0|0" />
<i3dMapping id="unloadTriggerGrain" node="0>1" />
<i3dMapping id="unloadTriggerGrainMarker" node="0>1|0" />
<i3dMapping id="unloadTriggerProducts" node="0>2" />
<i3dMapping id="unloadTriggerProductsMarker" node="0>2|0" />
<i3dMapping id="baleTrigger" node="0>4" />

<i3dMapping id="teleportNode" node="0>6" />

<i3dMapping id="aiNodeGrain" node="0>7" />
<i3dMapping id="aiSplineGrain" node="0>8" />
<i3dMapping id="aiNodeProducts" node="0>10" />


Frank Bjerre-hellerup (knarffen64) 09.01.2022 12:52
yeah thx. I figured it out, not they show, I can teleport there

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