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Created10.01.2022 12:30

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 10.01.2022 12:30

in the new Giants Editor there is a field under Attributes which you can select with “Locked Group. ”
What is this “Locked Group” for?

I would be very happy to hear an answer.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 10.01.2022 15:46
It's a group that is, well ... locked :) In your scenegraph you can group objects together (Cntrl G). GE 8.2.2 if you clicked an object in the viewport you might end up with any one of the child TG's and not the parent. Mistakes happen if you're not paying particular attention. Now you can "lock" the group, so when you select an object, you are getting the entire object from the parent TG down. To unlock the group and select a child TG just expand the group in the SG.

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