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Farming Simulator 22 16 x 16 map error

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Created11.01.2022 02:19

Jeep Bosma (jeep1972) 11.01.2022 02:19
Hello fellow modders and map builders.

I created a blank 16 x 16 map in GE 9.0.2 and converted all the .gmd and . grle files as discripted in the "16 km Map[" post.
Everything went well except only one error shows up in the console when I run the empty map, it says:

"error: terrain deformation requires a terrain lodSize that is a multiple of the terrain height map size"

I did change the TerrainTransformGroup line lodTextureSize to "8192" as mentioned in the "16 km Map" post so i dont know what to change to get rid of this error.

If anybody knows please let me know, thanks in advance and all have fun modding/building!


Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 11.01.2022 02:50
You converted the GRLE and GMD files, did you also change all of the _weight files to 8192? If not all of them are 8192 the lodtexturesize will change back to its original setting.

Jeep Bosma (jeep1972) 11.01.2022 04:53
@Ed Propsner (crotchfrog)

Thnx for your quick reaction, its appreciated.

Unfortunally it didnt solve the error, I checked all grle-,gmd- and weightfiles, theire all at the correct numbers now and also the .i3d is set to lodTextureSize 8192.......

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 11.01.2022 12:48
Did you change the size of the DEM as well as the entries for it in the map.xml? Check that you did. This is error is usually generated when one of your _weight or _density resolutions are smaller than the DEM size. Could be something is being overlooked?

Jeep Bosma (jeep1972) 11.01.2022 14:48
I changed the size of DEM to 4097x4097, what do I need to adjust in the map.xml? The width="2048" height="2048" to 4097 as well?

Thnx in advance for your help @Ed Propsner (crotchfrog)

p0wderkeg 11.01.2022 17:40
map.xml should be set to 8192 for 16x map

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 11.01.2022 22:40
I'm so used to working with 4x sizes that I often have to look up the proper sizes for larger cards. I was under the impression that your DEM actually should be 4097 with a unitsPerPixel of 4?? Could be that people are using 8192 because they're leaving the UPP at 2?

Keep in mind that all the "sizes" we are referring to, for most files are actually resolutions. It's not a hard and fast rule that most of these "must" be a certain size (some do). If you feel you need a higher resolution for some reason, you can do it. When you create larger maps with higher resolutions you run the risk of performance issues, only increase where it is truly needed. It's actually possible to "resize" a map just by changing entries in the map.xml and i3d along with the units per pixel and leaving the image files as they are. Most people tend to stick with 2,4,8, and 16x sizes which are actually kilometers. Your map can be any size in between (or smaller) if sized correctly.

Jeep Bosma (jeep1972) 12.01.2022 21:28
Yeah Im playing around with it at the moment to find out what works best for me.

Thank you guys for your reactions, its appreciated!

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 13.01.2022 23:44
Does the game save longer in your LS 22 with 16x cards?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 14.01.2022 04:13

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 14.01.2022 15:03
I hope GIANTS Energie Development reads along and fixxes this. In the LS 19 it was much faster...

I've noticed too...
If you save more than three times with the GE. Then there’ll be no more feedback. The GE then creates a map. i3d_temp0 . Once these paths are he saves again.
So no more than three times save at 16x maps.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 14.01.2022 16:38
I find that its always fast in the beginning, as it should be. When you add more and more work to the map it takes increasingly longer to save, which it should. How long depends on what you have going on with your map.

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