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Problems with navMesh

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Created13.01.2022 10:42

Cedric S (camced) 13.01.2022 10:42
Hello everybody, I've spent quite a bit of time trying to edit a chicken barn from the game to delete the park arround it and a few other things, i've fxed everything and changed all the things i wanted to change, but the navMesh gives me a headache...
I can't find a way to edit it and the solutions to do it on fs19 don't work anymore, if anybody could help me that would be awesome!
Thanks in advance!

(Sorry for the double post but I'm not sure where this post belongs)

Gregg Macfarlane (SirCuddlesWorth) 23.01.2022 21:18
@Cedric S (camced)
I've just started learning how to do it, I got mine working after following this guys video here.

Hope that helps. It worked for me.

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