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GE 9.0.3 Release Date?

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Created21.01.2022 16:38

Luke Lee (Luke974) 21.01.2022 16:38
Any news on this would be very welcome its annoying having to revert to pre-patched FS22 in order to use GE9.0.1 for terrain changes or paint layers as GE 9.0.2 doesn't save these changes for many of us any more and it has been a month since GE 9.0.2 was released and close to a month since these problems began.

Christoffer Timm (StoffeTimm) 11.02.2022 11:28
Hello Luke! I had the same issue but i got it fixed. Try removing all of your mods except your map out of your mod folder. That worked for me.

Best regards, Timm_6600.

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